The Artificial Intelligence Assurance Platform

Seclea ensures that your AI applications adhere to principles of fairness, explainability, accountability, and conform to applicable regulations – fostering responsible and trustworthy AI solutions.

Seclea de-risks the adoption of advanced AI algorithms.

Seclea mitigates risks associated with adopting sophisticated AI algorithms. Advanced machine learning algorithms often face numerous challenges, such as fairness, transparency, accountability, auditability, and trackability. With Seclea’s cutting-edge platform, you can tackle these issues effectively. The platform integrates smoothly into your existing machine learning pipelines, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Boost stakeholder confidence in your AI applications and unleash the potential benefits for your organisation.


How it Works

Data Selection & Management
Model Training & Tuning
Model Validation
Development & Deployment
Live (New) Data
Deployed Model
Decisions / Suggestions
Prepare Data
Seclea Prepare
Identify, track and fix issues in data sets, from bias detection to privacy preservation.
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Seclea Provenance
Track all activities from data, set transformations, and model training runs to model deployment.
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Seclea Explain
Explain model and its decisions with context and rationale understandable to all stakeholders.
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Seclea Compliance
Generate compliance reporting for internal audits and regulatory requirements.
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Seclea Monitor
Monitor post-deployment AI applications for quality control and to stem out any potential errors.
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Seclea Makes Your AI Applications

Responsible AI

Seclea empowers organisations to adopt a Responsible AI governance framework. Through Seclea’s Platform, all activities carried out by any party during the design, development, and deployment of AI applications are monitored, documented, and verified for alignment with ethical and legal mandates.

Responsible AI, keeping track of development and deployment.

Transparent AI

Seclea observes and documents each action taken throughout the development and deployment of AI applications, providing organisations with complete transparency in handling data, constructing models, and implementing AI solutions. This comprehensive monitoring ensures that companies can maintain accountability, adhere to ethical guidelines, and remain compliant with relevant regulations, fostering trust and confidence in their AI systems.

View and check AI development.

Explainable AI

Seclea enables organisations to effectively articulate an AI application’s actions and decision-making processes, customising the explanation to suit the specific needs of each stakeholder. By providing context and clarity, Seclea empowers organisations to confidently adopt advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms, ensuring that they can harness the full potential of AI while maintaining transparency, accountability, and stakeholder trust.

Explain AI applications decisions

Compliant AI

Confidently develop and deploy AI algorithms using the Seclea Platform, which supplies the essential tools for producing compliance evaluations and reports. These resources facilitate gaining the endorsement of not only internal auditors but also regulatory authorities. By streamlining the compliance process, Seclea empowers organisations to focus on harnessing the full potential of AI applications while maintaining adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Comply with all requirements.

Monitored AI

Organisations can effectively track the post-deployment behaviour of their AI applications, gaining valuable insights into how they perform in real-world contexts. Organisations can promptly identify and address any issues by analysing performance data, ensuring continuous regulatory compliance. This ongoing monitoring fosters a proactive approach to maintaining responsible AI practices, enhancing the overall effectiveness and reliability of AI solutions within the organisation.

Keep an eye on AI application that have been deployed.

Accountable AI

The Seclea platform offers an intuitive and comprehensive analysis toolkit that empowers organisations to pinpoint the root cause of any issue and effectively address it within their AI applications. This toolkit furnishes a complete audit trail, illustrating how issues arose while guiding users directly to the problem at hand. By providing these in-depth insights, the Seclea platform enables organisations to continuously improve their AI applications and ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations, ultimately enhancing overall performance and reliability.

Track down issues and solve them.

Getting Started

​Seclea’s platform is versatile, offering both on-cloud services and on-premises deployment options to suit your organisation’s needs. We provide a guided tour of the platform and its capabilities, ensuring you fully understand how Seclea can address your AI challenges. Our team is dedicated to supporting your organisation in harnessing the power of AI effectively and responsibly.

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