An easy to configure automated compliance platform for AI applications.

Seclea Compliance is a configurable AI regulation, framework and standards compliance platform. Data scientists, engineers and project managers can focus on solving business challenges and Seclea will automatically evaluate the projects compliance with defined those requirements.


Seclea Platforms offers a built in library of AI regulatory, framework and standards requirements. Data scientists, engineers and project managers can choose a pre-exiting template or create their own bespoke template from the requirements library or their own customised requirements. Seclea monitors AI projects’ activities to evaluate their compliance with those requirements – saving crucial time that can be invested in developing solutions.


Seclea Platform provides a real time dashboard that data scientists, engineers, project managers, internal auditors and compliance managers, as well as external stakeholders (if required) can monitor the compliance assurances of a given AI project. Increasing transparency and gaining stakeholder trust in the AI application and its decisions.

Seclea dashboards are fully customisable to meet the requirements of any stakeholder.



Seclea Platform generates automated compliance reports for different stakeholders. The project manager can customise the reporting requirements for internal and external stakeholders and Seclea will build these reports. The project manager can also specify the level of detail available in each of the stakeholder reports thus making sure that only relevant information is shared.


Seclea Platform provides an auditing toolkit that internal and external auditors can use to validate the compliance of an AI application. The compliance validations can be related to regulatory, organisational policies, frameworks and standards. The toolkit also allows the auditors to make sure that the evidence provided for individual compliance requirements are verifiable and potentially testable.

Seclea empowers AI project managers and AI auditors to have evidence based compliance to show that their AI application is unbiased, transparent, explainable and auditable.



Seclea Platform enables data scientists, project managers and auditors to investigate an AI application if something goes wrong. The investigative tools can look into the role training data, model design decisions and the model itself played in a given decision. Understanding the root cause of the issue can help data scientists, engineers and project managers to potentially rectify the issue. Ensuring that all deployed AI applications will be high quality and serve the respective business need.

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