Seclea Platform

Seclea Platform integrates with your existing AI pipeline in a few simple steps.  We provide you with a curated, novel set of tools to build responsible, transparent, compliant, and accountable AI applications.


Seclea Platform provides a comprehensive collection of bias detection and mitigation tools, simplifying the critical assessments that data scientists and engineers must perform before using a dataset. This ensures that machine learning models are built with high-quality data, resulting in optimum performance and reliability.


Seclea provides automatic tracking, monitoring and recording of all steps taken by data scientists, engineers and project managers during an AI applications development. This ranges from data validation and pre-processing transformations to individual machine learning model training runs.

This provides a complete picture of what actions were taken by each person involved, giving full visibility of all actions taken during the development and deployment of an AI application. This increases transparency and stakeholder confidence in the application while also enabling effective auditing, compliance, and project reporting.


Seclea Platform provides tools to explain both the machine learning model state and its individual decisions. This enables data scientists, engineers and project managers to focus on the business challenges they are trying to solve rather than trying to explain the models they develop. They can design and evaluate advanced machine learning algorithms and let Seclea provide the explanation of their model.

Seclea is unique in that it enables full transparency of your ML model. Concerned stakeholders can examine the model evolution and important factors that led to a particular decision. Seclea also enables data scientists, engineers and project managers to tailor explanations to each stakeholder’s requirements. This helps to improve their understanding and allows them to gain confidence in the AI application.


Seclea Platform enables tailored compliance reporting for internal audits and external compliance reporting. The reports are generated automatically as required. Furthermore, for dynamic reporting and ML audit, Seclea’s platform offers an auditing view for auditors/compliance managers.

Seclea enables data scientists, engineers and project managers to either select from pre-existing compliance checklist, define their own bespoke checklist or pick and choose checklist items from Seclea’s library. Data scientists, engineers, project managers and internal/external compliance managers can monitor the projects performance related to each checklist item.


Seclea Platform collects and analyse data about AI applications once in deployment to ensure continued performance and regulatory compliance. This data can be vital for crucial improvements to the application and potentially identify any major issues early to minimise any potential impact.

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