Cloud or On-Premises

You can either have Seclea Platform in the cloud or on your organisation’s premises (infrastructure).

We understand the diverse requirements of different organisations, especially when it comes to data control, privacy and cybersecurity. We offer solutions that fit your needs – whether you want a Responsible and Explainable AI solution in the cloud or on-premises. Seclea Platform supports both.


Seclea Platform integrates into your existing machine learning development and production pipeline through simple add-ons. 


Seclea can host your responsible and explainable AI services in the secure cloud. Ensuring you can access the services from anywhere, anytime. 


Deploy Seclea Platform on your infrastructure, whether in your cloud or physical environment. 

Integration of Seclea Platform

Seclea Platform is an add-on to your existing AI development and product pipeline. You need to write a few lines of code to integrate Seclea and start gaining the benefits of automated solutions that provide:

Cloud-based Seclea Platform

Seclea Platform in the cloud provides an easy to use solution. Your organisation can integrate their development and deployment pipelines with Seclea and then access and track their AI projects progress on the cloud-hosted platform.

Your data scientists, machine learning engineers, compliance & ethics leads and AI project managers can access the web interface for monitoring, evaluation and reporting on your AI projects. A simple solution to having all services from explainable ai to regulatory compliance in one single platform. 

On-Premises Seclea Platform

Seclea Platform can be deployed on your organisation’s managed infrastructure to facilitate with the data ownership and control requirements. From a services point of view, both versions, cloud or on-premises, are the same. The only difference is the deployment point.