Enforce and evaluate adherence to AI governance frameworks.

Seclea Provenance automatically monitors and records all the activities carried out by data scientists and engineers – ensuring easy project tracking, management and governance.

AI Project Management

Seclea Platform automatically monitors every action taken by data scientists, engineers and project managers from data prep to model design and development. Seclea presents this data in easy to follow visualisations so that project managers can oversee the status of their AI projects. This can enable project managers to identify potential compliance and performance issues in advance. Ensuring that they manage their AI projects efficiently and effectively.

AI Project Management Visualisation

AI Governance Frameworks

AI Governance Framework Compliance Work

Seclea Platform provides tools to monitor and evaluate whether individual actions carried out by data scientists, engineers and project managers are in line with selected AI governance frameworks. Seclea provides a single place to track and enforce good AI development practices to ensure that AI applications follow Responsible AI guidelines. Specify your organisation’s AI governance framework and enable evaluation of the framework’s implementation at both the project level as well as organisation wide through Seclea Provenance.

Project Reporting

Seclea Platform enables data scientists, freelancers, engineers and project managers to report on their AI application development process to both internal and external stakeholders. Seclea reports the best practices an AI project followed and provides a full analysis of individual actions carried out during the development of each AI application. Helping organisations to ensure trust and confidence in AI applications developed by either internal teams or external contractors by validating that the project followed industry best practices, organisation guidelines and AI frameworks.

Reporting on AI Project progress

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Diagram

Seclea Platform enables tailored project compliance reporting for internal audits and external compliance reporting. The reports are generated automatically as required. Seclea offers an audit view for auditors/compliance managers so they can monitor the compliance status of an project.

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