Solution for AI Challenges

Tools for stakeholders to better manage and understand AI.

A unified and novel Responsible AI platform to efficiently implement, manage and track AI Fairness, Explainability, Accountability, Risk Management and Compliance.

Explainable AI

Seclea Platform enables AI/ML algorithms to become transparent and explainable. You choose the algorithm that is most suitable to your application requirements and Seclea will make it explainable. The explainability feature provides:

  • Model-level explanation (Why a model is behaving the way it is?)
  • Decision-level explanation (Why a model made a particular decision?)
  • Causation-level explanation (Why has a model evolved in a particular way?)

Responsible AI

Responsible AI ensures that machine learning and deep learning development, evaluation and deployment are ethical, transparent, legal and accountable.

Seclea Platform enables organisations to specify, monitor, evaluate and report responsible AI practices. The Platform supports end-to-end AI lifecycle – from design and development to deployment and decommissioning.

Regulatory Compliance

Seclea Platform seamlessly integrates its regulatory compliance features to organisations existing AI development and deployment pipeline.  Organisations can pick and edit existing regulatory and standardisation templates to suit their applications’ requirements.

Seclea provides end-to-end automatic compliance monitoring and reporting – from design to deployment of an AI application. So organisations can effectively stay on top of their AI regulatory obligations.

Continuous Monitoring

Seclea Platform continuously tracks a machine and deep learning application post-deployment (production environment). Giving you the ability to monitor the applications’ performance, identify problems before they impact, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Seclea ensures that organisations can deploy their AI applications with confidence and assurance.

Risk Management

Machine learning and deep learning applications can create significant benefits and equally can be the source of new and varied risks. Traditional risk management has limitation in handling AI related risk.

Seclea Platform provides AI risk management suite that supports monitoring and reporting full AI lifecycle risk at the organisation level and at the individual project level.

Project Management

AI project management is unique and challenging in three ways. First, ensuring at each step, Responsible AI practices are followed with evidence. Second, tracking design and development decisions/ changes regarding the data or model with a rational explanation. Finally, the impact of decision/ change on the overall project is evaluated and reported.

Seclea Platform provides a comprehensive AI project management suite to manage both internal and external AI projects. Seclea enable organisations to have an explainable, responsible and accountable AI MLOps platform.

AI Accountability and Audit

Organisations can use Seclea Platform’s audit feature to trace an issue to the model training & development, data refinement & transformations and human impact. Giving the ability to investigate a problem to its root cause in both human and machine aspects.

Accountability through the Seclea Platform allows organisations to identify the potential cause of an issue and the people involved, along with their actions that might have led to the impact.

Cross-Functional Platform

Stakeholders, both inside and outside an organisation, require interactions, oversight and reporting on AI projects. These stakeholders can include but are not limited to: data scientist, AI project lead, ethics, compliance and risk managers to potential external clients.

To ensure Responsible AI practices and regulatory compliance, all relevant parties’ timely reporting and oversight of an AI application are critical. To achieve this, Seclea Platform provides customisable dashboards and reports for relevant stakeholders, ensuring they work together to achieve the benefits of AI projects and business objectives.

Cloud or On-Premises

Seclea Platform integrates with an organisation’s AI pipeline through a cloud or on-premise deployments. At Seclea, we understand that not all organisations are the same and have the exact requirements. To cater to such diverse requirements, we offer our platform in a manner that fits your security, privacy and infrastructure requirements.

Buy or Build

Data scientists, AI project managers and software engineers time are crucial to any organisation. For example, building an in-house platform that supports features like Explainable AI, bias & fairness, AI transparency and accountability, AI regulatory compliance and risk management can cost an enterprise over USD 1.62 million over three years.

On top of that, organisations have to maintain the in-house platform and add new features based on cutting-edge research to keep their AI application competitive in the market.

Seclea enables organisations to achieve all that at a fraction of the cost of in-house development, maintenance and regular improvements.