Our Commitment

We believe in building inclusive, transparent and accountable AI solutions. 

We are committed to building an AI ecosystem that benefits all individuals in a society – with fairness and empathy. At our core, we will be:

Fair & Inclusive

Facilitate AI based solutions to prompt fairness and inclusiveness in society and business services.

Transparent & Responsible

Enable AI technologies to be transparent and responsible in their behaviour and decisions.

Empathetic & Adaptive

Make AI adaptive to the needs of diverse members of a society in explaining its behaviour and decisions.

Empowering & Trustworthy

Provide transparency and accountability to AI solutions to foster human-AI trust and cooperation.

Our Role in the AI Ecosystem

We want to build a trustworthy and harmonious relationship between humans and AI. As the society’s expectations about technology and its role in the daily lives of individuals is evolving. We aim to stay ahead of this evolution and enable AI technologies to adapt quickly to the changing societal and regulatory needs.

We work closely with our customers, clients and wider stakeholder community to have a meaningful impact on the progress of transparency, fairness and accountability through technology in our communities. Seclea is poised to make a real difference to people interacting with AI technologies and companies using and/or building them. We believe in empowering individuals with AI transparency, explanation and accountability.


Responsible and Inclusive

Our key focus is enabling products and tools to help data scientists and organisations to ensure their AI solutions are built responsibly. The way we achieve this is by providing seamless integration of explainable and responsible AI practices into development and deployment pipelines. Ensuring that being responsible and inclusive does not have significant impact in terms of cost, quality-assurance or time.

We aim to shape a better, fairer, more transparent and accountable society through AI based services that do not discriminate against anyone.


Our People and Culture

We believe in our people and their ability to shape the corporate culture here at Seclea. We encourage innovation and participation of our team members in every decision and step in our journey.

We follow the principles of transparency, accountability and responsibility at every level of the organisation. Making our people part of company decisions empowers them and gives them a true stake in the company’s future success.

We are driven by our people, their critical role in our success and Seclea’s role in their career development and further learning.


Pledge 1%

We at Seclea encourage volunteering to support different programmes in our wider community. As a participant of the Pledge 1%, we commit to facilitate employees to participate in community initiatives of their choice.

For employees, this means that they can take one day and direct it towards some social cause that is close to their heart. Seclea has made a commitment to pledge 1% of time to community initiatives and social causes.


Investing in Our Communities

We believe in an inclusive workforce and investment in the future generation. A diverse workforce with different backgrounds, experiences and skills can bring together perspectives that we might overlook. Furthermore, by supporting the skills and development of our workforce, our business can thrive and so can each individual, along with their families and wider communities.

We encourage young talent to work for us and support internship programmes for early career professionals and students.