Responsible AI

Build Machine Learning and Deep Learning models that are fair, ethical, transparent and accountable.

Seclea Platform enables organisations to build and use machine learning and deep learning applications that are fair, transparent and accountable. Ensuring that your AI applications are ethical and auditable.

AI Fairness
Build machine learning applications that are fair and unbiased at every step of the AI lifecycle (raw data, model design & development, deployment).
AI Transparency

Monitor, understand and report every aspect of your AI applications’ data, machine (model design, development and deployment), and human interactions.

AI Accountability
Monitor and audit AI applications at all lifecycle stages of an AI application (data, training and post-market processing) to hold humans accountable.

AI Fairness

AI fairness requires a machine learning or deep learning application to behave and make decisions ethically and responsibly – free of any bias, discrimination, or mistreatment of individuals and social groups.

Seclea AI fairness monitor, identify and mitigate bias issues at three critical points of an AI ecosystem. Seclea analyses the raw data to determine any bias against the protected characteristics and their influence/dependencies with other data elements. Seclea continuously monitors AI model training to identify prejudice and mitigate it. Finally, Seclea monitors AI applications’ behaviour and decisions post-deployment to detect potential bias and recommend mitigations.

AI Transparency

AI transparency is the ability to track, understand and report all activities, whether carried out by a human or a machine, related to an AI application development and deployment.

Seclea AI transparency helps you monitor every action taken by a human (data scientist, machine learning engineers, compliance & ethics leads and AI project managers) and machine (data, model, model training) and its potential impact on the AI application. Seclea expands the notion of traditional AI transparency that is only focused on understanding the machine (i.e., AI model) – without the contexts or influences of data scientists and machine learning engineers. The conventional AI transparency gives a limited view and understanding of how an AI application evolved pre-deployment and post-deployment. Seclea AI Transparency enables you to be fully confident in your data science team’s activities and the AI application they develop.

AI Accountability

Responsible AI practices are incomplete without robust AI accountability. To ensure ethical and socially-responsible development of AI applications, we need accountability to be in place at every stage of the AI lifecycle: design to decommissioning.

Seclea AI accountability ensures that all human (data scientists, machine learning engineers, project managers, developers, etc.) and machine (data, model, training) is carefully collated to confirm ownership of what happens due to human and machine choices and actions. Any issues in an AI application at any stage of its lifecycle can be trackback to the root causes – ensuring both the responsible behaviour by humans and holding the machine under continuous monitoring/check.

Why Seclea Responsible AI?

Seclea responsible AI provides an easy-to-integrate solution with robust fairness, transparency and accountability features.

Whether you want to be confident that bias and discrimination are not present in your AI applications at any of their lifecycle stages or want to ensure that all actions, whether taken by humans or machines, are fully transparent with ownership and accountability, then Seclea responsible AI solution is for you to achieve your objectives.

By building robust responsible AI practices at your organisation, you can gain the trust of all stakeholders and regulatory compliance.

How Does Seclea Works?

Seclea Platform easily integrates with your existing AI development pipelines or deploy applications. We support a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, so you focus on having the best solution for your business challenge. And leave the responsible AI assurances for your AI applications to Seclea.

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