Observe AI application behaviour for continuous compliance and performance improvement.

Seclea Monitor seamlessly integrates with AI applications in their deployment environments to continuously monitor them for performance and compliance requirements.


Performance monitoring

Seclea Platform offers a suite of AI monitoring tools to observe the performance of an AI application in their production environment. Data scientists, engineers, project managers and product leads can use the information to identify issues in the behaviour of the AI application and potentially implement improvements.

Seclea ensures that AI applications perform to the highest standards in development and deployment stages.

Continuous Compliance

Seclea Platform tracks AI applications in deployment to ensure that they remain compliant with AI and other regulations and corporate governance requirements. Monitoring the AI application in their production environment is crucial whether they evolve or not as the data they see will still be changing. This can have significant impacts on performance and compliance that must be constantly evaluated.

Seclea ensures that AI applications can continuously operate in a transparent, responsible and compliant manner in their production environment.

Continuous compliance monitoring


Reporting on AI applications

Seclea Platform generates regular performance and compliance reports about deployed AI applications. AI project managers and product leads can tailor these reports for different stakeholders. Ensuring transparency, fairness and accountability to stakeholders.

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