AI Risk Management

Seclea provides a robust suite of tools designed to help organisations effectively identify, manage, and mitigate risks associated with machine learning and deep learning applications.

Seclea Platform simplifies the risk management of AI applications at every AI lifecycle stage. Organisations can identify, track, and monitor risks in real-time and report to a wide range of AI stakeholders.

Identify Risk
Select either pre-configured risks, tailor them to your needs or build your own risk set with a clear impact assessment.
Mitigate & Monitor

Configure each risk with automated or manual mitigation actions, and monitor and track progress in real-time.

Risk Dashboard & Reporting

Dashboards and reports for internal or external stakeholders. Use pre-built dashboards and reports, tailor them or build your own.

AI risk management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential biases and ethical issues arising from AI applications. Seclea offers a comprehensive suite of AI risk management supports to ensure fairness, transparency, and compliance in data-driven systems. Risk management frameworks currently supported by Seclea are:

NIST AI Risk Management

Seclea AI risk management supports the NIST AI Risk Management Framework (RMF), providing comprehensive tools for managing your AI-related risks.

ISO AI Risk Management

Seclea AI risk management supports the ISO 23894 standard, offering extensive tools to manage your AI-related risks effectively.

FDA AI as SaMD Risk Management

Seclea AI risk management aligns with the FDA’s guidelines for AI as SaMD, providing tools to manage AI-related risks in healthcare applications.

Identify Risk

Seclea Platform is building a collection of pre-built risk sets with associated automated or manual mitigation actions for various applications.

Seclea also allows for tailoring AI risks or designing a new risk set to reflect the unique requirements of your application. You can specify automated mitigations from Seclea’s library for each risk, and the mitigations will then be tracked automatically. Reducing time and cost in de-risking a machine learning or deep learning application for your organisation.

Mitigate & Monitor

AI risk management is a continuous process that is critical to machine learning and deep learning applications at all stages of their lifecycle for both ensuring the applications behave in a responsible manner and regulatory compliance.

Seclea Platform provides real-time monitoring of risk mitigations actions related to machine learning and deep learning algorithms at every lifecycle stage. Tracking both the human (data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI project leads, auditors, etc.) and machine (data and algorithm) activities gives your company the most comprehensive picture of your AI application’s risk posture.

Risk Dashboard & Reporting

Seclea Platform enables organisations to use existing dashboards and reports or build their own, tailored to the needs of their respective internal and external stakeholders.

Seclea Platform ensures that all risks and related mitigation actions allocated to humans (data scientists, machine learning engineers, project managers, developers, etc.) and machines (data, model design, training) are carefully collated in the dashboards and reports. Any risk at any AI lifecycle stage can be traced back to the root causes – de-risk AI applications and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Why Seclea AI Risk Management?

Seclea AI risk management for AI applications provides an easy-to-integrate, flexible, extensible and automated solution.

Whether you want to achieve regulatory compliance for one or more regulations and standards or de-risk AI risks for your organisations. Seclea AI risk management can track risks, associated automated or manual mitigations, and risk owners.

Through Seclea Platform, you get a single platform for your all AI risk and regulatory compliance requirements – thus simplifying the workflows for managing AI risk and compliance.

How Does Seclea Works?

Seclea Platform easily integrates with your existing AI development pipelines or deploy applications. We support a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, so you focus on having the best solution for your business challenge. And leave the AI risk management to Seclea.

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