Machine Learning Monitoring (ML Monitoring)

Continuously monitor, track and analyse your machine learning applications in production.

Ensure through Seclea continuous ML monitoring observe and evaluate your machine learning application in production to not pose risks or violate regulations.

Behaviour Monitoring

Monitor and debug production machine learning behaviour to identify challenges related to performance, and data drift.

Continuous Compliance

Examine the machine learning decisions to identify corner cases, outliers and model decisions that indicate risk and non-compliance.

Continuous Fairness

Continuously assess and report a machine learning application’s model behaviour and decisions in production to be fair and non-discriminatory.

Behaviour Monitoring

Organisations need to understand the behaviour of their production machine learning applications to ensure a robust and high-performance system is in deployment. This requires the ability to monitor the behaviour of a machine learning post-deployment and tools to debug to identify the cause of an issue. 

Seclea Platform provides a set of tools to monitor your machine learning applications in production. It gives you the ability to identify and investigate any possible harmful decisions or model behaviour. 

Continuous Compliance

Regulatory compliance requires a machine learning application is monitoring the productions environment. Ensure that the application does not behave in a non-compliant manner once it is deployed. Continuously monitoring an application in production is also critical to effectively manage any potential risks that might emerge. 

Seclea Platform continuously monitors your machine learning application in deployment against selected regulations and standards. Furthermore, Seclea provides a risk management platform for AI applications in production – so you can track and mitigate AI risks in post-deployment applications.

Continuous Fairness

Bias analysis and fairness of a machine learning application are critical requirements. It poses a significant risk to an organisation if a machine learning application in production exhibits discriminatory behaviour and decisions. 

Seclea Platform provides continuous bias analysis of the production of machine learning applications to ensure that deployed applications do not develop bias and behave unfairly.

Why Seclea ML Monitoring?

Seclea enables your organisation to monitor and evaluate a machine learning application in production continuously. Whether the AI application is developed by your in-house team or acquired from an external or third party. Continuous monitoring of ML is crucial to ensure the quality and performance,  de-risk an AI application‘s deployment and maintain regulatory compliance.

Through Seclea Platform, you get a single platform for continuous monitoring of ML in production – thus simplifying the workflows for managing AI applications, AI risk and compliance.

How Does Seclea ML Monitoring Works?

Seclea Platform easily integrates with your existing AI development pipelines or deploy applications. We support a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, so you focus on having the best solution for your business challenge. And leave the monitoring of your machine learning applications in production to Seclea.

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