Buy or Build 

It is cheaper to use the Seclea Platform with unique features supporting responsible AI, explainable AI, AI risk management and regulatory compliance – in one package. 

Seclea Platform provides a cutting-edge, research-backed and enterprise-level responsible AI solution so that you can build explainable, transparent, accountable and regulatory compliant AI applications. All of the necessary features to maximise benefits and minimise risks of AI are packaged in a single easy to use Seclea Platform. 

Enterprise Ready

High quality, reliable and resilient platform to integrate with your existing development and deployment pipelines.


Continuous Improvements

Seclea team continuously adds new features, giving you the tools to meet any evolving AI and regulatory challenges.

Cutting Edge

Research-backed state-of-the-art features integrated to facilitate rapid AI prototyping, testing and deployment.


Technical Support

Seclea’s provides excellent technical support to ensure you get the best results and a successful AI project. ensure

Wide Coverage

Support a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, so you choose the best solution for your problem.


Comprehensive Solution

A single solution for AI risk management, regulatory compliance, explainable AI transparent MLOps and AI accountability.


Seclea Platform is built on research-backed state-of-the-art solutions supporting:

A cross-functional platform that your data scientists, machine learning engineers, compliance & ethics leads and AI project managers can all use to monitor, evaluate and report on your AI projects. 

Cross-Functional Platform

Machine learning applications have a cross-functional use and potential impact. So in an organisation, there are several AI stakeholders, including but not limited to data scientists, machine learning engineers, decision managers, ethics & compliance leads, AI project managers & product owners. All of these stakeholders have different functional requirements for machine learning applications. They all need an intuitive workflow on a unified platform to work collectively towards successful AI deployment and adoption. 

Seclea Platform is designed to facilitate this and ensure all organisations gain maximum benefit from their AI projects. 


Total Cost of Ownership

Developing a homegrown solution based on open-source tools are possible. However, there are three elements to consider:

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, a basic regulator compliance platform costs €400k. For an explainable AI solution, the total cost over three years can be £700K. Overall, a comprehensive solution based on open source technologies that include explainable AI, integrated responsible AI framework, transparent MLOps, risk management, AI audit, and regulatory compliance can range from £1.7M to £2M over three years. Seclea Platform provides all these services based on research-backed state-of-the-art solutions at a fraction of the cost.