Seclea offers researched backed state-of-the-art tools to achieve full transparency, accountability and compliance for any ML algorithm. Seclea integrates easily with existing data and AI infrastructure.

Bias Analyser

Seclea empowers data scientists and compliance managers to investigate, identify, rectify, and report that their applications does not have any apparent biases.


Seclea Provenance provides a clear history of all data transformations, model training runs, and optimisation in one easy to use portal. Providing a clear record of model engineering, rationales for each decision and providing oversight for Responsible AI design.


Seclea enables AI applications to explain their individual decisions and model rationale to different stakeholders in a unique way that make sense to them. It answers the ‘Why’, question suited to the needs of the target audience.


Seclea compliance provides the reporting and analysis tools to verify and generates the necessary reports for internal and regulatory compliance. We work closely with data science and internal compliance teams to get them going with automated compliance reporting.


State-of-the-Art tools are provided to integrate and monitor a machine and deep learning application in production. Giving you the ability to monitor the applications’ performance, identify problems before they have an impact and maintain compliance.